It All Starts With a Plan

Most businesses understand the need for a plan but for some reason or another most of the planning process is skipped. Here are five steps to developing a marketing campaign from Start to Finish.

Step 1: Define. Define your campaign goals, purpose, ideal outcome, target market, measure for results, media channels and budget.  This is where the magic happens. Taking time to have a good brainstorming session with team members will ensure you will have a successful campaign.

Step 2: Create. Create materials, design artwork, and create themes.  Run with the momentum from Step 1’s brainstorming session. Call on other team members for new ideas. Exercise your creativity and have FUN.

Step 3: Plan. Plan your process, editorial calendar, and deadlines. Be careful to not be to detailed in this step. Leave room for tweaks or adjustments. However, with that being said, make sure your plan of action has a clearly defined beginning and end.

Step 4: Deliver. It is imperative to deliver your campaign in order to get results. You went through all the work to get this far now it is time to see if your idea sinks or swims. Let it go—you can always refine.

Step 5: Measure. Track/Review/Change. Measure your results. Find out what is working or not working. Do you need to tweak or change anything? Even though this is the last step it is equally important as the first.

Yours truly,

Justina Bryant

P.S. My commitment to you (the followers of this blog): All of my posts will be useful, truthful, and honest. For more great marketing tips visit my Facebook pageDo you have questions about your marketing? – eMail me at

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