It’s not just start-ups who need to define target audiences, it’s also the 20 year old businesses. With the economic cut backs and the development of new technologies it is important for companies to know their audience.


A 20 year old mid-sized company needs help re-defining its target audience and finding out which is the best medium (online advertising, social media, traditional marketing, etc.) to reach its desired audience.  Here are 3 simple steps to help you get started in defining or re-defining your target audience.


Step 1: Gather relevant team members – sales managers, marketing managers, and customer service reps.

Step 2: Conduct a 1 -2 hour creative and structured brainstorming session. In this session explore and define keywords, create empathy maps for all customer types, and research different mediums to see where your ideal customers are getting their information.

Step 3: Draw out a customer profile that clearly defines your target audience or audiences.

It doesn’t matter if  your company has been around for 20 years or 6 months – really knowing your audience is the key to growing your business.

Yours truly,

Justina Bryant

P.S. My commitment to you (the followers of this blog): All of my posts will be useful, truthful, and honest. For more great marketing tips visit my Facebook pageDo you have questions about your marketing? – eMail me at

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