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I have been busy working with small & mid-sized companies on developing word of mouth marketing campaigns. I have a few real-word experiences that I would like to share with you. I hope these posts inspire, educate and help you with your marketing efforts!


It is my experience that numerous companies start projects, but they get sidetracked or too busy thus never finishing what they started. It is my hope to inspire you to finish what you’ve started!

In this case,  a small business owner was reluctant to execute marketing campaigns.


The company needed to increase its customers, or they would have to close up shop. With the owner continually shifting gears in the middle of campaigns the company was wasting a lot of time, money, and resources. The challenge was to convince the business owner to finish what was started and to increase the company’s financial bottom line.


With cooperation from the owner and the business development team,  I conducted a structured brainstorming session using the business objective workout. During this session,  the team began to realize they didn’t need to find new customers they just needed to develop a deeper connection with their current customers. By creating and implementing an affordable customer appreciation campaign, the team was able to increase sales and stay in business. It was up to the sales team to ensure the customer appreciation campaign was implemented thus removing the owner from the situation.


  • Educating current customers will increase sales
  • Empowering employees works to your advantage
  • Importance of finishing a project
  • Importance of appreciating customers

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Yours truly,

Justina Bryant

P.S. My commitment to you (the followers of this blog): All of my posts will be useful, truthful, and honest. For more great marketing tips visit my Facebook page. Do you have questions about your marketing? – eMail me at justina@marketingbyjustina.com.

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What would you ask Sir Branson?


Today LinkedIn announced that Sir Richard Branson crossed the million follower mark. With this feat, LinkedIn will be interviewing Sir Branson. In hopes to create online buzz and encourage follower interaction; LinkedIn came up with a great word of mouth marketing campaign. LinkedIn members can submit questions and interviewer will use the questions in the interview.


Allow me to go on record saying I have a HUGE crush on Sir. Branson. It is not about his good looks – really I promise (wink, wink). Truthfully, for me it’s about his passion and dedication to entrepreneurs. So when LinkedIn asked for questions I was one of the first to submit mine – which was Do you believe your desire, belief, plan, persistence and team members have a lot to do with your success?”


What would you ask Sir Branson? First share it with me and then submit one by clicking on this link http://linkd.in/U6zQVC

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Spreading the Joy of Marketing

My first introduction to marketing was when I was 14 years old. Being engrossed in the endless novels entitled The Baby-sitters Club by Ann Martin; a friend of mine and I were inspired to start our own babysitters club. We came up with an overall plan and we soon began marketing our services. We designed, printed and hand delivered babysitting flyers to all of the houses in our neighborhood. Needless to say, our summer was busy and very successful. At the age of 14, I discovered the joy of marketing and continue the joy today.

My life, education and occupational experiences have taught me; if a person has enough desire and a well-defined purpose they will achieve success.  I hold to the belief that the word impossible should be erased from the dictionary. Anything is possible when you believe it can be done and are willing to work hard to see that it is achieved.

It is my strong desire to use my expertise to help businesses define their purpose and ultimately achieve success. In this blog, I will share stories, tips and marketing ideas that will help your business be a success. I make the commitment to you (the followers of this blog) that I will be truthful and honest. You can get more great tips on my Facebook page. Do you have questions about your marketing – eMail me at justina@marketingbyjustina.com.

Yours truly,

Justina Bryant

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